how to avoid the altitude sickness

Altitude Sickness

As soon as you book your trip to Peru – Cusco, you start wondering about altitude sickness the oxygen at high altitudes is less than at sea level and force your body to work harder to get the oxygen. Over several days at high elevation your body adjusts to the lower amount of oxygen in the air. We highly recommend to all our customers to spend two days at least in Cusco or similar place before the trek you start, if you can stay more days even better, for sure Cusco is a perfect place for it.

What is the Symptoms of Altitude Sickness?


Altitude sickness feeling is dizziness, headache, nauseas and tiredness, so trouble to sleep and trouble to breath during you exercises. Most of the time, these symptoms well be mild, we always recommend easing into activity slowly, allowing your body to adjust.

What do you should do to prevent the possible Altitude Sickness?


Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and smoking they do not help you to acclimate quickly to the altitude. We highly recommend drink plenty of water and Coca tea. It contains alkaloid which helps to bring more oxygen into your blood.
Your healthcare provider may prescribe medicines, like dexamethasone and acetazolamide, those prevent altitude sickness. Start the medicine 2 days before you get to a high altitude, the prescription must be for 4 days.
You should remember this is your vacation and you don’t want to stress out about the possibility of getting sick, do everything slow and drink water as much as you can do it. If anything does happen and unfortunately get sick, you must let your guide know right away – all Inka Trail Explorer guides are trained in how to help you get through it.

First Aid


Your health and your safety are very important for us, so all the guides from the Inka Trail Explorer have received mandatory training in first aid. Any of them can attend you; they always have with them the first aid kit for basic medical problems, they know how to feel you better.
In case something unexpected happens and you feel you can no longer complete the trek, which we do not wish any of our customers, but our professional tour guides will be there and figure out the safest and quickest way off the course. You will never be left alone, you will have a member of the team escort you every step until safely with a Doctor. When you are feeling up to it, we will make sure you still have the chance to visit Machu Picchu and reconnect with your group.

Travel Insurance


There are so many logistic to plan and pay for before your trek occur. Payment for your trek is due even if you are unable to complete the hike. Please read our BOOKING CONDITIONS carefully so you know what is due. Inka Trail Explorer highly recommends you obtain travel insurance before you leave home.
This is not required, but just in case. For those of you used to living at sea level, landing in Cusco will be a big different. Most of people need minimum 1 day to adjust, but in case you can’t acclimate to the altitude, having some protection for missed tours, which will all be due in full, is a very good idea.



There are no needed vaccinations for Cusco other than your routine vaccinations, but other areas in Peru, commonly the Amazon does require additional treatment. For more information please consult with the CDC website for Peru. mersin bayan escort diyarbakır escort elazığ escort hatay escort