Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full Day

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayMaximum Altitude5,000m / 16,404ft

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayDistance12km/7.456miles

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayGroup size8 People max

Trek difficulty

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Enjoy the natural formations of the different minerals of Rainbow Mountain hike. Here, you can explore ancient and remote villages, interact with the locals and experience first-hand their fascinating culture. The Rainbow Mountain hike, also known as the Rainbow Mountain Peru Trek, has shockingly beautiful mountain containing composed of different minerals that vary in color creating what seems like a carpet of seven colors.

The Rainbow mountain hike will take you pass snowcapped peaks, glittering, turquoise lakes, herds of llamas, alpacas, and wild vicuñas which have the most expensive wool in the world. You’re also likely to see bobcats, pumas, and condors soaring over the magestic mountains in the background. All of these are possible scenes that can be experienced from this incredibly colorful mountain.

6 hours of driving (roundtrip), 6 hours of hiking, Walking distance: 15km, Highest elevation: 5,000m


Rainbow Mountain Hike – Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco Pitumarka – Qesiuno – Rainbow Mountain – Cusco

The adventure starts in Cusco at 4am. We will pick you up from your hotel in our van and travel all the way to the trailhead of the trek which is located in a little town of Quesiuno (4350m – 14, 215ft). During your ride, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, spectacular Inca farming terraces, and outstanding cornfield valleys.

As soon as we arrive to the trailhead, we begin the Vinicunca trek by following a tranquil stream. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of this place. It’s full of herds of llamas and alpacas, and as we ascend, the views get better and better, especially as we begin to approach the summit of Ausangate Mountain. We will be hiking by quaint, rustic villages where you’ll certainly have the chance to interact with the locals in order to learn about and from them.

After 4 hours of hiking the Vinicunca trek (5,000m/16,450ft.), we will be able to enjoy the magnificence of Rainbow Mountain. You’ll have plenty of time to explore and take pictures.

After a pleasurable exploration, we just have to head back to Quesiuno. It will definitely be easier because the hike will be all downhill. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach our van. The Rainbow Mountain Trek does not end here. We will still have a 3 hour drive back to Cusco.


What is included on the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

Professional Tour Guide.– Our tour guide staff are highly prepared and ready to take you on this adventure, they studied tourism and English at University. They all are passionate in the history, archeology, geology and also in the astronomy, they always will be happy teaching you about their heritage.

Briefing.- The night before the trek, your Guide will give you all detailed information about your tour schedule and give you all the instruction for this adventure.

Transportation.- Transportation is included in this tour from the beginning of your tour to the end of your tour, we are going to pick you up from your hotel in the morning and leave you in your hotel at the end of the tour.

Breakfast.- You will enjoy your Breakfast before you start the trek, a professional chef will be there to prepare a delicious breakfast for you and you can enjoy better your hike.

Lunch.- Inka Trail Explorer is the only company  that takes a professional chef who prepare fresh and warm  lunch at the end of your hike, before you take back  our minivan.

What is not Included  on the Rinbow Mountain hike?

Airport/Hotel.- Inka Trail Explorer does not include the transfer from the aiport to you hotel, but if you really need a transfer we can arrange for you, see optional Extras.

Dinner.- Dinner is not included, but we can recommend you some good Restaurants in the City of Cusco.

Walking Poles.- Highly recommended. It helps to keep your valance especially when you go steep downhill and (it can rented from us).

Horse Back Ride.- If you want to experience  a Horse back ride you can do on the rainmbow Mountain trek, if you feel tire or need a break,  there is a horse waiting for you.


Rainbow Mountain Hike – price

Inka Trail Explorer warmly welcomes to you, and we really want to make the best experience for you.
Price for March 2016 Group Service Tour USD 120
A group Service means that it is open to other Hikers to join you. Your group will have varying hiking and fitness abilities. All our Guides are experts on how to keep the trek moving and happy no matter how fast you go.
Private Tour Service is available and priced by party size

  • 2 Hikers   US$200 per person
  • 3 Hikers   US$170 per person
  • 4 Hikers   US$140 per person
  • 5 Hikers   US$125 per person
  • 6 Hikers   US110 per person
  • 7+ Hikers US$100 per person

Aditional Extras

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Aditional Extras

Optional Rentals

  • Walking Poles US$5
  • Horse Back ride $45.- In case you do not want to walk or you get tire
  • Transfer Aiport/Hotel.- two ways US$30
  • Maras Moray tour.- $150 per group of 6 if you booked with this trek

Packing List

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Packing List

What I need to pack?

  • Daypacks can be any size for hiking, but we always recommend small one.
  • Warm Down Jacket
  • Water
  • Sunhat
  • Rain gear
  • Fleece
  • Camera
  • Handsanitizer
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste
  • Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips
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