Our Social Projects

Our social Projects with Andean Artisans

Inka Trail Explorer really wants to promote the best artisans of Chinchero community. Buy them textiles made with ancestral techniques and natural resources, there are a group of families working actively manufacturing all different staffs. If you visit them you have the chance to learn, how to get the manufacture of the Inca ancestrally work, like, when, they are collecting Alpaca wool, how is washed wool, how to use natural dyes, and finally the embroidery and processing textiles work, each textile tells a story, a fact, when you are purchasing a textile, you are directly supporting these amazing artisans want to show the World their hand made textiles. 100% you are helping Andean families and 100% you are getting original Alpaca wool. If you want to help! Let us know and according your vacations, we can arrange your visit to this place with when you choose the sacred valley tour or Maras Moray tour.

What is known, is more Appreciated!!

We know children from the rural areas is hard to afford for them a trip to Machu Picchu, since this is too expensive for them, we understand that Machu Picchu is the most dreamed place to everyone, so we really want to make real the Andean children dreams.

In 2016 we brought 2 groups of hildren from 2 different Communities to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu and they had the guided tour in their native language “Quechua”, Inka Trail Explorer really wants to encourage to value our culture, we are promoting this trip with your help. We bring them from their places, by transport, train, bus to Machu Picchu, meal, Machu Picchu guided tour, and we take back them at home after the tour. Thank for your help Dear Travelers.

Rural School supplies

Since no one has been taking the courage of giving a proper education and better conditions of life to our children from the rural areas specially children with disabilities, Inka Trail Explorer in agreement with (ARASAC) Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Practicing the Andean concept of “ayni”, or giving back to the community, Inka Trail Explorer has numerous social projects. Our pride and joy has been “adopting” the highland villages, where our indigenous families have lived for centuries as subsistence farmers. Several times a year we go to these villages taking helps to their schools with pictograms books, computers and basic hygiene supplies.

Reforesting our Indigenous Communities

Inka Trail Explorer as a sustainable and responsible tour operator is focus in green conservation of native trees from the Andes. Planting a tree is for giving a life, and planting a thousand of trees, even much better for preserving our planet, in a green color for future generations. Trees gives us a healthy oxygen and natural environment. The Tree of Queuña is a native Andean tree, it grows from 3000meters up to 4500 meters high, very good tree to preserve soils, to avoid the erosion, windbreaks and to preserve the houses and Sheltered Andean families windless frigid. Andean people are very happy with a reforestation of the beautiful Andes.

Help us, to plant a green living.

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