The best training advice for the trekking

The best training advice for the trekking to Machu Picchu is here. Our expert tour guides have carefully tailored this information for you.

We know that you must be wondering about how you are going to get in your best shape for your Inca trail trek. Maybe you think you will not be able to do it. Trust us; we do every day. If you follow the information below, then you will have a fantastic Inca trail adventure.

​First, mentally preparation

The Achievement of your trip depends on it. training for a trek could be time-consuming, stressful and exhausting. Most likely you might feel like you are not ready enough, fit enough, etc. The fact is that when it comes to traveling, there is not such a thing as being 100% ready. Be mindful of your fears and anxieties. Learn the means to pacify them. But also remember that despite preparation, imperfect scenarios will still creep in on you.”

In Peru, we have a common saying which is “The nature of a wanderer (traveler) is to make her path along the way.» One cannot be in control of everything as we do in our daily lives at home. The fact is that traveling offers us the opportunity to let go of the need to want to control everything, and lets us enjoy the beauty of traveling whatever challenges it might pose us.

Your resilience and open-mindedness will be put to the test no matter how experienced a traveler you are. The world is full of differences that you need to be prepared to embrace. Finally, looking back on your trip, you will be proud of the impact it had on you mentally and physically.

Go into phisical training
In our treks, we often have people with different fitness level. There are those experienced hikers who hit the trails at least once a month, those who hike every once in a while, perhaps a few day hikes a year and maybe some overnight camping trips too. Finally, there are those who have never done anything like this but are willing to try it anyway. And what better opportunity than on your way to Machu Picchu! No matter what category you fall into, consider the following tips:

Go into the countryside or a park often.

This will allow your mind and your body to familiarize with the outdoors.

Take a hike. If you are new to hiking, the best way to do this is by walking one to two hours outdoors every weekend.
Build up from there. Gradually, start adding more time to your hikes. If you can walk for a maximum of 3 hours or longer, then you are in a good place to perform well on one of our hikes.

Learn to drink enough water while you hike. Consider drinking 2 liters of water a day, whether you are hiking or at work in the office.
Choose harder hikes every weekend, search for information about hikes that involve climbing.  A hike with a 30-minute climb is an excellent start.
Carry up to 12 pounds in your daypack to speed up your training. Fill up your backpack with weights, snacks, water, and books when you go hiking outdoors.

Hit the gym if you can’t do outdoor activities. Start with a 20-minute warm-up routine on the elliptical machine, then a 20-minute jog or fast-paced walk on the treadmill, and finish your workout with a 10-minute climb on the step master machine. These three elements will get you to a good place. It is better if you do this routine carrying a backpack and gradually adding weights to it. If you can train for a full hour on the step master, then you are ready to climb Machu Picchu. ​ mersin bayan escort diyarbakır escort elazığ escort hatay escort