Why Inka Trail Explorer?

Are you a local owned tour Company?

Inka trail Explorer is a local Owned fully licensed tour Company in Cusco – Peru with many years of experience in tourism.

Do you operate your own tours and Treks?

We Operate the famous Inca Trail in its 4 versions of trekking, adapted to the physical condition and needs of its’ participants. We also operate the other famous alternative treks to Machu Picchu, such as Salkantay, Lares, Choquequirao, Huchuy Qosqo and among others. All of them are designed for our customers to let out their explorer instinct and dipping into the adventure.

Are you a sustainable tour Operator!

We are a leader in innovations and quality tourism services, known for our responsible commitment to the environment, and for having the greatest coverage of Cusco – Peru. With sustainability policy, we incorporate the Global code of ethics for tourism to keep promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in those destinations where we Operate, minimizing actions that may generate a climatic changes, our high commitment to the welfare of our Porters, guides, animals and the indigenous Communities make us different!!!

Do you guarantee a high quality of service?

We are a young company in the peruvian Market, but our wide experience in the tourism, the professionalism from all of our staff and our camping equipment from the high quality help us to make a lifetime experience for all of our clients.

We are the only company that includes Huyna Picchu / Machu Picchu Mountain
Inka trail Explorer is the only Company that includes the Huayna Picchu / Machu Picchu Mountain in all of our alternative treks as long as the permits remain with the government. We really love our clients have a complete experience, these climbs take you high above of Machu Picchu citadel and from vantage points you have stunning views.
We includes a personal porter or horse to carry your personal items!
We know how important is this adventure for you, and we really want you feel comfortable while you are trekking.
We know most of the regular Companies charge you an extra for the porter or horse, we are the only company that includes a porter for your personal items, you just need to carry in your daypack your camera, water, snacks and some other little things that is needed while you are on the trek, the rest of your staff will be carried by our porters.
We are the only company that includes a Horse to carry your personal items, you just need to carry in your daypack your camera, water, snacks and some other little things that is needed while you are trekking, the rest of your staff will be put on the horse.
Do your groups are always small?
Inka Trail Explorer always operate small groups and our service is more personalized service, we know you enjoy better when you are in small group.
We includes 2/3 stars Hotel in Aguas Calientes for our alternatives treks!
We provide the best quality of service in all of our treks, we work with 2/3 stars Hotel with the most recommended one, we understand after 3, 4 and 5, even 8 days trekking and camping in the mountains you really deserve a nice and comfortable hotel with Hot shower, TV Cable and breakfast included.
Our Camping equipment is the best Quality!
What about toilet facilities on the trek?
We know there are toilets facilities along the classic Inca trail and on the alternative treks too, located at each camping areas and is possible to find toilet facilities at every 2 hours hiking, we understand the toilets are not as comfy as you have at home, but they are manageable, we know the toilet specially from the classic Inca trail they will be a little adventure for you, anyways we think this is part of the adventure!!
There are other regular companies that they offer portable toilets, of course is nice to have this kind of toilets close to your tent, but do you really want to know who carry this staff?, who set up every time group stop for camping?, who takes down and who keeps clean every time hikers use?
Of course is not the manager of the company, but there is one person who is responsible to cover this spot. We believe this kind of jobs are unhuman and the porters are human being like us and they do not deserve this treatment, we been witnesses of acts of discriminations from other porters straight to the porters who do this job. We never take this kind of toilets with us, we respectful to our team!!!
We are committed to local social projects and improving living conditions for our children with disability of the rural areas!
Since no one has been taking the courage of giving a proper education and better conditions of life to our children with disabilities, Inka Trail Explorer in agreement with (ARASAC) Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication.
Practicing the Andean concept of “Ayni”, or giving back to the community, Inka Trail Explorer has numerous social projects. Our pride and joy has been “adopting” the highland villages, where our indigenous families have lived for centuries as subsistence farmers. Several times a year we go to these villages taking helps to their schools with pictograms books, computers and basic hygiene supplies. We have even provided the funds necessary to employ a teacher.

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