Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full Day

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayMaximum Altitude5,000m / 16,404ft

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayDistance12km/7.456miles

Rainbow Mountain Hike – Full DayGroup size8 People max

Trek difficulty

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Enjoy the natural formations of the different minerals of Rainbow Mountain hike. Here, you can explore ancient and remote villages, interact with the locals and experience first-hand their fascinating culture. The Rainbow Mountain hike, also known as the Rainbow Mountain Peru Trek, has shockingly beautiful mountain containing composed of different minerals that vary in color creating what seems like a carpet of seven colors.

The Rainbow mountain hike will take you pass snowcapped peaks, glittering, turquoise lakes, herds of llamas, alpacas, and wild vicuñas which have the most expensive wool in the world. You’re also likely to see bobcats, pumas, and condors soaring over the magestic mountains in the background. All of these are possible scenes that can be experienced from this incredibly colorful mountain.

6 hours of driving (roundtrip), 6 hours of hiking, Walking distance: 15km, Highest elevation: 5,000m

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